The publication of the anti-Islam caricatures and the making of anti-Quran film by a Dutch law maker, Geert Wilders, was condemned by the Advocacy and National Affairs Division of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan in a special meeting presided over by Rt Rev Azad Marshall, Bishop of Iran and the Gulf. The meeting noted with deep concern the mischievous acts maligning the Islamic faith, in the name of modernization, secularism and so-called freedom of expression. Freedom of expression does not provide open license to hurt the religious sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims world-wide. The 15-minute film released in March sets verses from the Quran against a background of violent images from the Islamic Holy Book has sparked protests in Pakistan and throughout the Muslim world. The Bishop called these acts misconceived, malicious and politically motivated.  These acts, especially in a society which propagates human rights, human dignity and tolerance, were against all decent norms of human behavior and demonstrated a lack of respect for the religious sentiments of others.On one hand the western countries seek to build bridges of understanding and goodwill amongst people of different faiths, to bring harmony and brotherhood; yet on the other hand are creating division among those different faiths by the publication of such blasphemous material. No religion, society or culture should allow such acts of blasphemy, which give rise to violence and undermine the global war on terror. Such acts serve no useful purpose and hinder the efforts of interfaith dialogue. Instead of bringing about understanding between people of different faiths in order to help them live together in peaceful co-existence, they create divisions and animosity. Bishop Marshall said that an internationally accepted code of ethics should evolve through the United Nations to ensure that all religions are treated with respect and dignity. He provided the assurance that the Christian world at large condemns such acts and would make every effort to discourage such acts.He called on Muslim countries to use diplomatic means to discourage future incidents of this nature.As an expression of solidarity with the Muslim world and especially with the people of Pakistan, Iran, Gulf and elsewhere, the Christians they condemned such acts and urge the Dutch government to take appropriate steps.The World Council of Churches, of which the National Council of Churches in Pakistan is a federating Unit, is one of the major international organizations representing more than 400 church bodies from over 120 countries and is an important member of the United Nations. One of the main purposes of the Council is to promote the spirit of Christ’s Love, compassion, understanding, tolerance and goodwill amongst people of different faiths for a better world.