Al Azhar, Al Sharif and President Bishop of Jerusalem and Middle East Bishop Mouneer Anis, the Anglican Bishop in Egypt, condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza:

We severely condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza which have resulted in a real humanitarian disaster. The innocent children,women and elderly people pay a heavy price in this disaster. We call upon the whole international community to put an end to these cruel attacks that have resulted in the loss of many. Such attacks stir the emotions of the whole world. We appeal to conscience of the international community to move swiftly to find a comprehensive and just solution that will guarantee peace in this region. We also warn that failure to find this justifiable solution, which would provide stability for the Palestinians, will threaten the stability and the security of the whole world.

We praise the efforts of governmental and non governmental organizations who are responding to the needs of the Palestinian people of Gaza, especially the Egyptian Red Cross and the El Ahly Hospital in Gaza, which is part of the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem. We encourage all organizations to increase their humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza.