Tomorrow is the Transfiguration. Now the feast is about to begin. We find that Jesus is so taken up in the life of God and the Father that God is seen to be shining in and through him. This is that glory that Moses was not able to see. It is now seen shining in and through Jesus.This glory is just a sign of something greater to come. Jesus already has been acknowledged as Messiah by Peter. Jesus has spoken of his suffering and death. The transfiguration is God’s assurance to him that whatever the suffering to come, the glory is to be revealed.

The glory seen in the risen Jesus is also the glory of men and women as they are meant to be but which we have lost through sin and rebellion

That is why Paul’s words in Colossians 3 in our other lesson all depend on the resurrection of Jesus. If we are raised with Jesus we are to set our hearts on things above where Christ is. We are to take off what is not desirable – including sexual immorality, evil desires and greed, which is called idolatry.

Jesus by his obedience has turned away the wrath of God from us and our rebellion and made us friends. Some things we have to put on – what are they? Compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. We are to bear with one another, and forgive each other. Above all put on love. The word cummerbund in the Persian translation is appropriate because it keeps all the clothes together.

The peace we have now has been achieved through the work of Christ. Then Paul urges that they should let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach one another in all wisdom. Jesus is God’s wisdom heard and seen by us. Jesus has been seen in glory. The glory of the crucified and risen Christ belong together.

Jesus said “I when I am lifted up will draw everyone to myself”. As those who live the risen life, we must see what we have to put off and what we have to put on. Our task is to seek such glory of Jesus. His risen life is to be found in the Bible. His risen life helps us lose what hinders life.

My hope is that Bishop Azad ( whose name means free) will free you to be followers of the risen Christ and help you to know what you have to put off and what to put on.